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Classes & Education

All Education Sessions are currently available VIRTUALLY via Phone or FaceTime/Skype!

  • Newborn Care Sessions
  • Back to Work & Breastfeeding
  • Modern Grandparent Class


Learn about baby care from a Registered Nurse in the comfort of your own home!

You just brought your baby home…. but now what are you supposed to do!??

These VIRTUAL sessions with your baby give you real-time coaching of swaddling, burping, diapering tips, newborn sleep / bed-sharing support, bathing, nail care, baby-wearing and basic bottlefeeding or breastfeeding support ….. right in the comfort of your own home!

Ask questions about products, nursery set up, sleep arrangements, baby care, and what to expect from your newborn in the early days, and tips to survive parenthood!

(These sessions do NOT include a feeding assessment)
Ask about Lactation Consultant Sessions for in-depth Breastfeeding/ Bottlefeeding support & assessment.

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30 minute phone consultation with Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse (& mom of 3) Angela, to discuss breastfeeding, pumping, weaning, or a combination of all three! Plan when to introduce cup/bottles, keeping some nursing sessions, naps without nursing, solids, daycare weaning completely and more! 

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You’ve done the work of parenting already, but things have changed… from the influence of social media to new research on baby care! This class is an exciting opportunity for Grandparents to expand on your invaluable experience, and support your children and help care for your new grandchild with the most current and up to date safety, health, feeding and childcare recommendations for baby!

In this 2.5 hour Private or Group Prenatal Class for The Modern Grandparent, we will:

    • Explore common myths and misconceptions about baby care (there are many still circulating today)
    • Introduce current feeding recommendations and infant safety standards
    • Help you become familiar with the changes in language, and child rearing philosophies
    • Discuss various ways to support this new family!


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NUTMEG PRENATAL CLASSES are fun, interactive, and streamlined so you can be prepared in just one day! 

Classes are taught by Angela & Adrienne (a Registered Nurse/Lactation Consultant and Doula team), which is the perfect combination to get you all the information you need, in a practical, honest, and engaging way!

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Labour Prep

Learn the process of labour and how birth is nothing like it is on TV! Hear about all the ways to give birth, so you can figure out what works for you - so you can be ready!


A NON-JUDGEMENTAL Lactation Consultant will teach you how to avoid nipple pain, get a great latch, know when to feed, learn how to build a freezer stash, make sure baby gains weight, and rock breastfeeding!

Newborn Care

Learn our baby care hacks, so you'll be ready to bring baby home! Learn bathing, swaddling, burping, holding, sleep tips, diapering and more!

Postpartum Recovery

Know what to expect, what your friends don't tell you about postpartum recovery, and ways to heal and thrive in those first few months.

Online Resources

Receive tons of curated and 'safe' links, videos and resources to help you get even more out of the classes, and keep you safe from Dr. Google.

Continued Support

Receive private Facebook Group access, or choose email access to the experts if you have questions! Hear from experts in lots of different specialities.

Grow Your Village

Meet other expecting parents, share your excitement, fears and learn together!

One-Stop Shop

A streamlined day of learning, so you can spend your evenings relaxing - instead of doing weeks of prenatal classes.

Private sessions can be arranged at your convenience. Get in touch to find out more!