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Lactation Consultant VIRTUAL SUPPORT



If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area and need a Lactation Consultant who can help you in the comfort of your own home or hospital room, then a private session is the right choice for you.

Angela and Liana are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, (and also Registered Nurses) who provide expert, non-judgemental breastfeeding support, and help you reach YOUR breastfeeding goals!
Even if breastfeeding is difficult at first, the right support can make a big difference!

Lactation Consultant VIRTUAL Sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours and
include 2 weeks of phone/email/text support so you can ask questions as things change and improve.  A receipt is provided in case you have Private Insurance coverage for this service.
Call 416-300-7064 to schedule your visit.

Weekend, evening, and ‘urgent’ appointments
are available in your home or hospital room.

Pumping and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Prep consults are available before your baby is born!  Learn the REAL LIFE version of ‘what to expect’ and learn how to get breastfeeding off to a great start.  Make a  ‘just in case’ plan, so if things don’t go smoothly right from the start, you’ll know what to do!

Contact us to book your Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep Consultation.

Lactation Consultant Home Visits may be covered by Private Insurance.

"Thank you so much for your time and support. You have a special way of being lighthearted and non-judgmental while knowing your stuff and teaching very effectively. I’m so grateful.”
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum

Lactation consultation in the privacy of your home or hospital room

Registered Nurses / International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

Weekend, evening, and urgent appointments available

Non-judgmental breastfeeding support that meets you where you are on your journey

Helps you reach YOUR own breastfeeding goals

“After coming home with my newborn and not being able to get her to latch, I called Angela trying not to panic. She came worked with me on a plan to help me and my baby. Her friendliness put me at ease – something this anxious mama really needed. Her knowledge base is strong – I really appreciated that she has a nursing background in addition to being a lactation consultant and a mom of three! What I really appreciated overall is that she spoke to me from the ‘real world’ and shared information that would help me become more intuitive about my baby as opposed to telling me only one ‘right way’ to do things.”
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum

Sessions with a Lactation Consultant can Include

  • Help

    Help with all aspects of breastfeeding: improving latch, positioning, and getting comfortable while feeding.

  • Prevention

    Preventing and managing poor latch, nipple pain, breast engorgement, excess weight loss, dehydration

  • Review

    Review of newborn behaviour: feeding cues, how to know when baby wants to eat, and when they've had enough!

  • Knowledge

    Learn how to know that baby is getting enough milk & how to deal with common issues

  • Supplementation

    Help when supplementation is suggested or desired: learn methods, when it's safe to stop and how to protect breastfeeding goals

  • Pumping

    Help with Pumping & Hand Expression: increasing supply, making a stash and managing engorgment.

  • Supply

    Help increasing your milk supply, managing oversupply or maintaining supply.

  • Screening

    Screening for possible tongue tie or upper lip tie, and other mouth/jaw issues

  • Breastfeeding Plan

    Creating a realistic plan WITH you, to help reach your goals for breastfeeding

  • Advice

    Advice about rental or purchase of breast pumps, breastfeeding equipment or baby supplies.

  • Support

    Ongoing support and information (by phone or email) and further sessions if needed.

  • Information

    Curated online resources, and help to find community support.

  • Weight Check

    Weight check for baby can be arranged if urgent at a safe social distance, if you are in the west end. Test weights before and after feeds when appropriate during home visits only.

Areas of Expertise

  • Prenatal breastfeeding education to help you prepare for breastfeeding
  • Sore nipples, slow weight gain, unable to latch, baby has been bottle feeding, sleepy baby)
  • Basic breastfeeding technique and management
  • Milk supply issues or supplementation concerns
  • Inverted or ‘flat’ nipples
  • Possible or suspected tongue tie
  • Cluster feeding, growth spurts
  • Breastfeeding and Back to Work
  • Preterm / hospitalized babies
  • Late preterm babies (35 – 37 weeks gestation)
  • Breast engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, pain
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Relactation (‘restarting’ milk supply)
  • Pumping / Hand Expression of Breast milk & Storage
  • Help with Breastfeeding `equipment`/ gadgets
  • Breastfeeding in Public
  • Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Lactation Consultant Session

  • Virtual in-home or hospital session with your Lactation Consultant / Registered Nurse
  • 2 weeks of support by email/phone/text to answer questions and adjust the plan as needed!
  • A receipt is provided in case the visit is covered by your Private Insurance

The "Before & After" Support Package


  • 1.5 hour Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep Consult before baby is born
  • Email/phone/text support from your Lactation Consultant in the first few days
  • 2 hour Lactation Consultant Home / Hospital session to assess and assist with breastfeeding/pumping
  • 2 weeks of support by email/phone/text to answer questions and adjust the plan as needed!
  • Further follow up visits can be arranged as needed!
breastfeeding lactation consultants toronto
"Angela is a SAVIOUR! I was close to throwing in the breastfeeding towel because of sore, damaged nipples when my husband called Angela to make a home visit. Within hours she was coaching me on proper latching techniques. In what seemed like five minutes, ANGELA HAD MAGICALLY SOLVED MY PROBLEM! It was a night and day change. Breastfeeding for me is now a very pleasurable experience due to her help. I can't say enough good things about her. Her easy-going and friendly manner complement her skill and knowledge. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life."
expert care for births breastfeeding and postpartum

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