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Lactation Consultant SUPPORT

We can support you with all lactation issues!

Even if breastfeeding is difficult at first, trust your instincts and get the help you deserve! You don't need to be shamed, pressured or criticized, you just need SUPPORT!
Angela is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse (NICU), Doula and mom of three who provides expert, 
non-judgemental breastfeeding/chestfeeding and lactation support, 
who can help you reach YOUR feeding goals!

We can support you with all lactation issues!

"[Angela's] vast knowledge and warm, non-judgemental approach made me feel completely supported and confident in moving past the challenges and embracing breastfeeding as I had hoped to.... All of the support provided was virtual and it was more valuable than I could have imagined. I would highly recommend Nutmeg Consulting to all parents, especially those expecting their first baby!"
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum
Megan S.

If you need a Lactation Consultant who WON't JUDGE YOU, CAN BE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY NEED HELP, AND GIVES REALISTIC & PRACTICAL SUPPORT, then a private session WITH ANGELA is the right choice for you.

" I had a virtual consultation with Angela when my baby was 2 weeks old because I was constantly topping up feeds and wasn't sure if [my baby] was getting enough. Angela, with her expertise and also friendly and encouraging demeanour gave us the confidence we needed and from that day forward I was able to exclusively nurse! She has some great knowledge and I believe my journey would have been much different without our virtual session. Highly recommend Angela!"
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum




We know it sounds impossible, but our clients have been completely shocked at how well our private, one-on-one, virtual sessions have been working since March 2020!  Due to this positive feedback (and clients even returning with their second 'Covid babies' for virtual support!), we are continuing to provide most Lactation care virtually.

Angela has been able to provide such effective, convenient and safe, one-on-one support that the choice to stay virtual allows her to help even more parents every day, all over the world!

Angela has always been a 'hands-off' Lactation Consultant so virtual sessions have been just as effective for all lactation issues, including newborn feeding assessments, engorgement, pumping, weaning, latch issues and milk supply concerns! The flexibility and convenience is also helpful when trying to schedule sessions around  baby's feeding times.  Private sessions can be as short or as long as needed (no minimum) so even if you have a smaller issue, you can meet with a Lactation Consultant one-on-one whenever you need to have your questions answered!

If you want the convenience of having a Lactation Consultant who can help you in the comfort of your own home, at any stage of your journey, then a private virtual session is the right choice for you.  

We use Zoom, FaceTime, or telephone depending on the issue.  Urgent support is also available daily!  Some limited home visits may be available depending on location.

Sessions may be covered by Private Insurance depending on your plan.

" Angela is amazing! My son was born during the first wave of Covid and so we leaned on her for virtual sessions. She was able to diagnose my son’s tongue tie over our first video chat - it was too good to be true…but it was. She’s so good at what she does that even virtual sessions were immensely helpful for us (just as much as in person, and definitely more convenient as a new, tired mom). She was always so responsive and empathetic with regards to any breastfeeding related concern (zero judgment at all no matter where you are on the spectrum of nursing to formula). I can’t say enough good things about her and will hire her again for my second baby on the way - even though she’s already taught me so much, I feel more comfortable having her by my side since every baby is so different! Thanks Angela, you’re the best!"
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum

Lactation consultation without leaving the privacy of your home or hospital room

Registered Nurses / International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

Weekend, evening, and urgent appointments available

Non-judgmental feeding support that meets you where you are on your journey

Helps you reach YOUR own breastfeeding/ chestfeeding goals

Virtual Lactation Support Sessions ($125/hr)


After coming home with my newborn and not being able to get her to latch, I called Angela trying not to panic. She worked with me on a plan to help me and my baby. Her friendliness put me at ease – something this anxious mama really needed. Her knowledge base is strong – I really appreciated that she has a nursing background in addition to being a lactation consultant and a mom of three!

What I really appreciated overall is that she spoke to me from the ‘real world’ and shared information that would help me become more intuitive about my baby as opposed to telling me only one ‘right way’ to do things.”
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum
Angela is a SAVIOUR! I was close to throwing in the breastfeeding towel because of sore, damaged nipples when my husband called Angela. Within hours she was coaching me on proper latching techniques.
In what seemed like five minutes, ANGELA HAD MAGICALLY SOLVED MY PROBLEM! It was a night and day change. Breastfeeding for me is now a very pleasurable experience due to her help. I can't say enough good things about her. Her easy-going and friendly manner complement her skill and knowledge. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life.
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum


Breastfeeding Prep consults are available before your baby is born, so you can learn the PRACTICAL information you need right now to get breastfeeding/chestfeeding/pumping off to a great start and avoid issues!  

Make a  ‘just in case’ plan, so if things don’t go smoothly right from birth, you’ll know what to do, or get help making a feeding plan that works for you.  We support all feeding goals and plans!

Contact us to book your one-on-one Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep Consultation or 

Check out our Breastfeeding Prep Crash Course HERE!


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Home Visits will now be available in the area shown below our
Lactation Consultant / Registered Nurse depending on availability.
Some home visits may also available in Bloor West/High Park area.

Cost for a Home visit is $250 for 1.5-2 hours.
Please contact us to check availability


Do you wish that your LACTATION CONSULTANT (IBCLC) or NURSE PRACTITIONER (NP) could be available every day to answer all your questions by text or email in the first few weeks or months?

THEY ARE!  Choose to add NP TEXTCARE or LC TEXTCARE after any private session or home visit to have access to daily texting support for $200/MONTH.