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THIS wasn't meant to be done alone!

IT can be very overwhelming to bring a new baby home, and parents often don't feel ready to do it alone.

TO have a village of support around YOU!


Daytime Postpartum Doula Visits

Get a nap or have a bath, learn about newborn care  & even have tidying and meal prep done with daytime support!

Overnight Postpartum Doula Visits

Recover from birth with overnight support whether you are breast/bottle/combo feeding & thrive by getting extra sleep! 

Virtual Coaching and On-demand Baby Care Courses

Learn Baby Care from the experts! Check out the Virtual Academy Baby Care Hacks course or book a one-on-one session for feeding or baby care advice!

POSTPARTUM DOULAS can help you recover and rest!

Did you just bring your baby home and are exhausted from a long birth?

Do baby’s needs seem never ending and you still aren’t sure of the best baby care tricks?

Are you are a few weeks or months in and feel like you haven’t slept or bathed in ages?

 Do you just need a break and an extra pair of hands?

Postpartum Doulas can do visits during the day or overnight and they help you learn to care for your new baby while also helping you to recover from birth.  They provide hands-on support so you can sleep, rest and recover, and they help you feel calm and cared for any time you need support in the first postpartum year! 


Flexible packages let you choose a combination of daytime or overnight visits.  

Postpartum doula visits can be purchased one at a time, or you can buy a package.  

Postpartum doula support ranges from $43-45 per hour +hst depending on the package you choose. 

Book just one visit, every night for a few weeks, once a week for months, or just whenever you need help!

We also have limited coverage available by Registered Nurses for overnight support for $50/hr

Get more sleep and have a break so you can recover physically and mentally

Have support for outings like appointments, events, shopping or walks

Experienced support with breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding or combo feeding

Feel on-top-of those endless chores, with light housekeeping, meal prep help

Feel supported and confident while learning to care for your newborn


a POSTPARTUM DOULA can help with:

  • Holding your baby

    Your doula can hold your baby so you can shower, get things done, eat or have a nap!

  • Feeding support

    Your doula can help you get comfortable while breastfeeding, wash pump parts, bring baby to you to nurse at night, or feed baby if you wish

  • Reassurance

    Your doula can offer reassurance and assistance as you learn to bathe, swaddle, burp, diaper, hold and soothe baby in different positions.

  • Light housekeeping

    Your doula can take care of light housekeeping & meal prep, so you feel ‘on top’ of those endless jobs around the house…. we’ll tidy your kitchen, make you tea and snacks or even throw in a load of laundry!

  • Baby wearing

    Your doula can help with baby wearing so you can have a happy, sleeping baby and still have your hands free when you're home alone.

  • Outings

    Your doula can go with you for doctors visits, self care appointments, shopping, nursing in public, a walk, or keep you company for your first outing with baby!

  • Support

    Your doula can keep you company, give you time for self care and postpartum recovery, and give you non-judgmental support as you process all the changes and new feelings that come with having a new baby!

"[My Postpartum Doula] was so helpful with the baby and it was very comfortable having her around to help. She was full of information and I learned a lot from her – and got some rest while she took care of my daughter. [She] felt like a lifeline to me during the first couple months of feeding and taking care of a newborn."
expert care for birth breastfeeding and postpartum

private VIRTUAL SESSIONS will help you feel more confident caring for your baby!

Do you need an expert at your fingertips to answer all your questions about baby care and feeding?

Virtual options give you access to our owner & founder, Angela Grant Buechner, who is Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Infant Care Specialist, Doula & mom of 3 with 20 years of experience!  

The more you know about normal newborn behaviour and expectations, how best to help and care for your baby, and how to cope with it all, the better!  

Learn to feel confident during baths, feeding, diaper changes, crying, burping, holding, babywearing and more! 

Choose from LIVE one-on-one sessions, or check out our on-demand BABY CARE HACKS online course!

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