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How can you plan for birth when it’s so unpredictable?

Labour and birth are very unpredictable, and there will always be unknowns during the experience. Despite this, there are some elements of your birth experience that you can plan for!  I have put together a list of my Top 10 tips for things you CAN plan for, or learn about, to prepare for labour. #1 […]

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Why won’t my 3 month old breastfeed anymore?! Is this a nursing strike?

Breastfeeding has been going well for a couple of months now. You got through those first few weeks of clusterfeeding all night, you figured out how to get a deeper latch so your nipples are finally happy, and you even had an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) come to help you at home and make sure things […]

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Returning to Work AND Breastfeeding? It can be done!

Returning to Work AND Breastfeeding? It can be done! Ahhhh! and Waaaaah….. your maternity leave is almost over! It’s hard to believe that a year has passed, and you will soon be heading back to work. So much has happened over the last year, and as your baby’s first birthday and your return to work […]

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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Baby (And Tree) Safe This Holiday Season!

Whether your baby has just started to crawl or is already running like a wild 3 year old, there are a few things to keep in mind this holiday season to keep your little ones….and your decorations safe! 1. Tie a string, ribbon or fishing line to the trunk of your tree. About one third […]

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