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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Baby (And Tree) Safe This Holiday Season!

Whether your baby has just started to crawl or is already running like a wild 3 year old, there are a few things to keep in mind this holiday season to keep your little ones….and your decorations safe! 1. Tie a string, ribbon or fishing line to the trunk of your tree. About one third […]

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7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy Naturally during Cold and Flu Season : and an amazing Recipe for my Immune Boosting Super Smoothie!

immune Boosting Smoothie, cold and flu season, healthy mom, healthy baby, breastfeeding

Cold and flu season is officially upon us.  This can be a rough time for many; especially for those of us with kids it can seem as though someone is always sick.  In fact, children under six years average six to eight colds per year (up to one per month, September through April), with symptoms […]

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So Easy Kids Can Make It – Best Mother’s Day French Toast Casserole Recipe

so easy the kids can make it!

Here’s a tried and true (by me personally) recipe for Easy and Yummy French Toast Casserole. It’s great for any breakfast or brunch, but I love it for Mother’s Day and my Birthday, because it’s easy enough that the kids can make it (with help if they’re a bit younger) so they can help! It […]

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How Kangaroo Care Gives the Smallest Babies the Best Chance

Sleep Belt

November 17th – WORLD PREMATURITY DAY! Kangaroo Care, also known as skin-to-skin, helps give even the smallest of premature babies a better chance at life. This is why: It’s something that no expectant parent can prepare for. Most parents won’t even let themselves think it could happen …. never, no…not to them and their baby-to-be. […]

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