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I was stuck on a stopped train for over 3 hours on Canada Day, and it made me love Canada even more.

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Well, being stuck on an unmoving train/crime scene for 3 hours was not exactly how we planned to spend Canada Day as a family… but somehow it still turned out to have a feel-good, totally Canadian, “why I love living here” vibe. After attending a lovely, powerful woman giving birth yesterday as a Birth Doula (I’m also a Registered Nurse …

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Don’t want another crappy Mother’s Day? Take charge!

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I don’t think that sounds selfish. I don’t think we should feel bad or greedy to just want to feel appreciated once in a while. Mothers spend day in and day out sacrificing their sleep, food, patience and energy for their families…. all we want is ONE day!! As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I start to hear story after story …

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Why breastfeeding can hurt, even when it’s not supposed to….

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Facebook mom groups are full of breastfeeding questions from desperate new mothers, who are asking things like : What follows is usually an onslaught of answers from well-meaning moms who remember their own struggle. Their suggestions can sometimes be confusing, because they can be all be so different. Each answer comes from a real wish to help, but what they …

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Kim Kardashian ate her placenta…should you?

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Updated December 2018: So, likely you’ve heard of this by now. It’s becoming a bit of a ‘thing’ with some modern new mothers. You guessed it, I’m talking about eating your placenta…. Yep, it’s a real thing, and Kim Kardashian just did it. If you really haven’t heard of this, or are going ‘blech, that’s gross, why would I do …