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Nutmeg Consulting

Expert Care for Birth, Babies and Breastfeeding


From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, though the entire pregnancy and birth experience; 

to the moment you realize you actually have to take care of a real, live baby (and also learn how to feed it on little to no sleep); and during the weeks and months adjusting to this new life (while also recovering from birth), 

we know it is all a huge, emotional, scary, and awesome undertaking!

We will be there every step of the way.  

There are so many of these huge moments and at every new stage when parents know to reach out for help, so they can feel supported when they need it, confident that they are making the right choices for themselves and their baby, and so they can thrive.  We can help you learn so you feel confident, feel supported when you think you’re falling apart, be there to give you a break when you need it, and so much more.  

We’re so glad you found us! What can we help you with?


You deserve constant, personalized support during your pregnancy, labour and birth no matter what kind of birth you’re hoping for.

Having a professional and non-judgemental support person who is calm, knowledgeable, and experienced can make a huge difference to your birth experience.


It can feel very scary and overwhelming to bring a new baby home, and most parents don't have villages of support anymore! It wasn't meant to be done without help! Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are trained to provide specialized support for you and your new baby in your home during the weeks and months after your baby is born.

nutmeg consulting lactation consultant


New parents need flexible, non-judgemental support, and urgent access to help during many phases of their feeding journey.

Accessing timely, expert support right when you need it, can be vital to turn things around when you're struggling or need help, or when you're entering a new stage with your baby.


Nutmeg's own Virtual Academy lets you get on-demand education whenever you need it!
We also offer private one-on-one education sessions so we can customize session for everything from labour & birth planning, to CPR or a breastfeeding refresher ... and we even have classes for cesarean planning and grandparents!


Want to feel prepared for what happens AFTER birth?

Feel organized and ready to bring your baby home!  Don’t forget to plan for your POSTPARTUM stage too!

Nutmeg’s Postpartum Planner is a step-by-step guide to healing & thriving in the days, weeks and months after birth!

Created by Angela (the owner and founder of Nutmeg!) this planner was made to help new parents survive and thrive in the the weeks and months after baby is born.  

Use this practical and helpful Postpartum Planner to get ready, feel confident, and set the goals and plans in motion to help you have your best Postpartum possible!

YOU GET: Worksheets to start discussions with your partner and family; checklists to help you get organized and ready for everything you will need; prompts to help you get your team, resources and supports in place; blank journal pages to keep all your info and thoughts about pregnancy in one place!