New Baby? Need help?
This was NOT meant to be done alone…

You need a
Postpartum & Infant Care Doula!

  • Did you know that we have Registered Nurses and Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas who can come to your home to teach you how to care for your new baby?                                                               .
  • Did you know that Postpartum Doulas can hold your baby so you can nap, eat, & have a break, and they can even help with laundry, meal prep and baby care!?                                                             .
  • Did you know that Postpartum Doulas can do daytime or overnight visits so your can get the most sleep possible, even if you are waking to breastfeed?

Our Doulas are trained to provide specialized support for you and your new baby during the “Postpartum Period” (the first 12 months after your baby is born) to help you recover and thrive.

Visits can be just once, every single day, a few per week, overnight, when your partner goes back to work, or whenever you need!  Our packages are very flexible!

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Daytime Visits with a Postpartum Doula

Get a nap or shower, learn about newborn care, have the laundry and meal prep done, and feel supported!

Overnight Visits with a Postpartum Doula

Recover from Birth with overnight support and thrive by getting extra sleep!

Evening support and Sibling Care

We have Postpartum Doulas who are ECE trained and can help with bedtimes!

Outings, Events and Appointments

Have a Postpartum Doula to support you for special events, doctor or self care appointments or outings.

Hours Minimum Daytime
Hours Minimum Nighttime

Postpartum Doula support means you can:

Get more sleep to recover physically and mentally

Have support for outings like Doctor visits, events, or grocery shopping

Experience support with breastfeeding, pumping or bottle feeding

Feel on-top-of those endless chores, with light housekeeping help

Feel supported and confident when dealing with your newborn

Our amazing Postpartum Doulas can help with any of the following:

  • Holding your baby

    Simply holding your baby so you can shower, get things done, eat or have a nap!

  • Breastfeeding support

    Helping you get comfortable and getting a good latch, washing pump parts, or bringing baby to you to nurse at night

  • Reassurance

    Reassurance and assistance as you learn to bathe, swaddle, burp and hold baby in comfortable positions

  • Light housekeeping

    Light housekeeping and meal preparation to help you feel ‘on top’ of those endless jobs around the house…. we’ll tidy your kitchen, after we make you tea and snacks or even throw in a load of laundry!

  • Baby wearing

    Help with newborn baby wearing so you can have a happy, sleeping baby and still have your hands free!

  • Outings

    We can come with you to help during doctors visits/self care appointments/shopping, nursing in public or even just go along for your first outing with baby to go for a walk!

  • Support

    Keeping you company, allowing time for self care and postpartum recovery, and being a non-judgmental listener as you process all the changes and new feelings that come with having a new baby!

Inquire about a Postpartum Doula today!

You need a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula if…

  • You had a stressful or difficult delivery and need extra support to care for your baby and yourself!
  • You don’t have family members who are able to help you with baby you don’t want to rely too much on family, or your partner has to go back to work
  • You need extra support with breastfeeding, pumping, or feeding baby
  • You are nervous about caring for your baby alone, and want someone with experience and knowledge to help out until you feel ready
  • You are exhausted, a new parent, or just need support while you recover from birth!
  • You just want to get some things done around the house and the pile of laundry keeps growing….

Postpartum Doula Packages

Postpartum Doula visits can be purchased one at a time,
or you can contact us to learn more about our most popular packages.
Gift Certificates for all services are available for Baby Showers and Group Gifts!

Welcome Home
Package Includes:

  • One 2 hour Lactation Consultant visit >> Learn More
  • BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM package of 24, 48, 100 or more hours of Postartum Doula Care
  • Visits can be either 4 or 6 hour day visits or 8-10 hour overnights!

Full Support
Package Includes:

  • One Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep Consult >> Learn More
  • One 2 hour Lactation Consultant visit >> Learn More
  • 100 hours of Postpartum Doula Support for any combination of day and overnight visits

Custom Support
Package Includes:

  • Any number of hours of Postpartum Doula Support for any combination of day and overnight visits.
  • Have visits for the first 3 or 4 nights home, just one daytime visit per week, or every day for a month! Whatever you need.
“[My Postpartum Doula] was so helpful with the baby and it was very comfortable having her around to help. She was full of information and I learned a lot from her – and got some rest while she took care of my daughter. [She] felt like a lifeline to me during the first couple months of feeding and taking care of a newborn “Ania, Toronto

Please contact us for more information about our Postpartum Doula Packages and Gift Certificates!